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Grinding and Polishing Systems

Grinding and Polishing Systems – used and refurbished – SECOND HAND BUT STILL FIRST CHOICE

We are pleased to offer you a wide range of used and refurbished grinding and polishing machines from popular brands (Metabo, Loeser, Greif, Bula, Acme, HAU etc.). You need support in choosing the right machine for your processes.

our experts will be happy to help you.

We sell and refurbish:
  • Machines for grinding and polishing flat profiles
  • Belt grinding and polishing machines in sitting and standing height – the number of kW and also the installation of a frequency converter can be freely selected, you can get new belt grinding and polishing machines here
  • Polishing machines for rotary parts (HR4)
  • Table polishing machines for flat parts, tubes or profiles
  • Rotary table grinding and polishing machines (HAU RK 6/1200, RK6-800, RK6-550, also from other brands such as Bula or Acme) and we deliver accordingly
  • Polishing units

Machines we currently offer can also be found by

We do not have listed all machines we have on stock. If you can not find the system you are looking for do not hesitate to contact us.

Here is a selection of the machines we overhauled according to customer requirements – before and after refurbishment:


Where are grinding machines used?
Grinding machines are used in the metalworking industry. Such machines help to deburr, satine or polish surfaces of mainly metal workpieces.
What can belt grinding machines do?
With the help of belt grinding machines flat profiles, bent and straight tubes and square tubes can be deburred, grinded, satin-finished and polished. Mainly metal surfaces are processed but it can also be used for wood.
What can tube grinding and polishing machines do?
Tube grinding machines grind, satin and polish tubes in one operation. These machines process straight tubes, bent tubes, square tubes, threaded rods and also oval tubes and D-shaped profiles. Even grooved or perforated pipes can be given a homogeneous surface on these machines.
What can polishing machines do?
Polishing machines enable the processing of the surface of mainly metal but also wood. Flat profiles, tubes (straight, curved or oval) and square tubes, from satin finishing to high-gloss polishing everything is possible.
What are deburring machines used for?
After laser, plasma, shearing or punching processing of metal, burrs with scale or slag appear. The burrs are removed with the help of deburring machines and a homogeneous surface is created. Edges are rounded and the risk of injury from sharp edges is minimized.
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